How to keep your hair clean without washing it?

People always love to have long thick hairs but most of the people feel so lazy to wash them in frequent manner due to many reasons such as work schedule, busy in other works and many other reasons too. But in reality people would search always is there any way they can keep hair clean longer that too without washing.

It may sounds crazy but people do search ways for alternate way to get freshen hair without washing. As a surprise to all such people there are ways for keeping hair healthy and normal as it would be in regularly without washing. Only thing people need to add some more things along with their regulated checked shampoo and use them.

By doing like this people can easily escape from washing their hair in frequent manner.

keep hair clean without washing it

Steps to have clean hair without washing:

By hearing this many of you would be eagerly waiting to hear how to keep the hair clean without washing here are steps listed below.

  • When you wash the hair with ordinary shampoos there are more chances for dirt and dust accommodations so it is always prefer to have clarifying shampoo.
  • do apply conditions for only hair ends as they gets dried and need of moisture, keep the roots clean as much as possible.
  • avoid of using natural or silicon based oil on scalp using stylish creams also makes the scalp dirt so to keep the hair clean it is better to use some nourishing cream instead of silicon or natural oil.
  • Most of the women would touch the hair lot to make them wave in proper way but by touching the hair often also makes the hair unclean so it is always better to texture spray to have proper hair wave which would avoid the hand use.
  • Whenever you are in your private space either in working desk at office or at gym doing exercise it is better to tie up the hair back which would avoid hair gets messy. While moving out make use of your sun glasses as hair band to sweating in head.

By doing all these after a week use dry shampoo before washing the hair and brush it up completely to get cleaned well then rinse it with water now you can see the hair is well cleaned after a week. This is how you can make your hair look clean without washing it for a week you can also try out these steps for different hairstyles too.